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Carista App

Mobile DIY car mechanic in the palm of your hands

Our Carista OBD2 Аpp is the most powerful car owner’s companion. It’s never been easier to be in control of your driving experience.

You decide how to adjust your car’s settings, when your vehicle needs professional maintenance or diagnostics, and how often to monitor live data parameters.

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Carista equips you with the right tools to be in control of your vehicle.


Modify your car’s settings, unlock hidden features and enhance your driving experience.


Scan your dashboard warning lights including ABS, Airbag, Engine and all other car electronic units and clear the fault codes you get.


Perform maintenance without mechanic’s help and spare yourself the waiting time and extra costs at the workshop.

Live data

Monitor your car’s live data parameters and troubleshoot issues with your vehicle in real time.

Why Carista


Experience our user-friendly


Save more than 700 € annually in mechanic costs


Resolve inquiries with the help of our brilliant customer support team


Perform coding, diagnostics and service quickly and reliably


Downloads on the app stores


Rating from more than 10,000 reviews


Monthly Carista app users

Carista mobile App & Adapter

Get the Carista adapter now and choose an app pricing plan from the app store that suits you best.*

1-Month subscription


9.99€‎ $ per month. Billed monthly.

3-Month subscription


6.66€‎ per month. Billed every 3 months.

12-Month subscription


4.17€‎ per month. Billed every 12 months.

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Get Carista Adapter for 39.99€‎

Order the adapter today and choose the app plan that suits you.

Free 1-month app trial with Carista adapter

The trial is part of the 1-year subscription payment option. In order not to get charged, please cancel the trial before it ends.

You need both Carista adapter and Carista app to start upgrading your car experience.